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JFugue Music Exchange

Welcome to the JFugue Music Exchange, where you can share your JFugue Patterns and music files, PatternTransformers and PatternTools, and other extensions to JFugue!

To contribute to the JFugue Music Exchange, please send your files, along with a description, to David at dmkoelle@gmail.com. You may also include any links you'd like to associate with your entry.
We retain editorial control of the content of these web pages. You must own the copyright on any work you submit.

JFugue Music and Examples

Pachelbel's Canon in Dcanon.zipBeautiful! Listen: canon.mid. Uses the Pattern class to repeat common phrases. Submitted by Christopher Randall
The Entertainerentertainer.jfugueTranscribed by David Koelle
J.S. Bach's Crab CanonCrabCanon.javaUses the ReversePatternTransfomer to play a melody backwards and on top of itself. Listen: crabcanon.mid
Dave Koelle's Algorithmic Music PageExample 1: kebu.mid
Drum Circles: 1, 2, 3
Compositions generated by grammars, compicles, and more

Pattern Tools and Transformers

GetPatternForVoiceTool.javaLift any single track or channel out of a JFugue MusicString. For example, pull out and reuse the drum tracks from your MIDI files!