JFugue - Java API for Music Programming


Other projects using JFugue

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Interesting music projects

Here are some interesting things that others have done with music programming (but not using JFugue). Be inspired!

  • HarmonixMusic, creators of GuitarHero and other musical games
  • Animusic has developed computer-animated music - these videos are phenomenal!
  • Ensemble Robot uses large robots to create music, some of which are controlled with MIDI

Sources of MIDI files

If you're looking for MIDI files, here are some good starting points:

  • Robert Finley records his own classical MIDI sequences
  • MIDIsite indexes over 800,000 MIDI files. Lots of popular tunes can be found here
  • Free MIDI Zone has a wide selection of MIDI files indexed by artist

Directories of other music tools

In case JFugue isn't what you're looking for, try looking at these lists of music projects: