JFugue - Java API for Music Programming

Talks and Press

JFugue at JavaOne 2008

JFugue and JFrets appeared at JavaOne 2008 and CommunityOne 2008. Matt Warman, the author of JFrets, presented the following sessions.

  • JavaOne Technical Session: TS-5263 - Jamming with Java Technology: Making Music with JFugue and JFrets
  • JavaOne Birds-of-a-Feather: BOF-5265 - Java Technology, Music, and You (with Paul Lamere and Geerjan Wielenga)
  • CommunityOne Session: S297142 - Open Sourcing Music: A Discussion of Applications for Creating and Managing Music

JFugue at JavaOne 2007

I presented JFugue at JavaOne 2007, in Technical Session TS-1130, "JFugue: Making Music with Java MIDI and Illustrating API Usability".


JFugue is featured in the following books:

  • Wicked Cool Java, by Brian D. Eubanks
  • Groovy in Action, by Koening, et al.
    • JFugue is used in an example on loading and using third-party libraries. It's a testament to JFugue that it's one of the few libraries that lets you do something interesting is as little as one or two lines of code!