JFugue - Java API for Music Programming


Your comments mean so much to me! Here is a sampling of comments I have received over the years. Special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to send me your comments, suggestions, and descriptions of how you're using JFugue in your own work.

"JFugue is definitely the best project I have found of this type so far."
- David J.

"This is an amazing piece of software"
- Mike D.

"THANK YOU! JFugue is a wonderful API. It is great to work with something so down to earth and uncomplex."
- Geertjan Wielenga, creator of the NetBeans JFugue Music NotePad

"I just downloaded JFugue and I LOVE IT! Great work!"
- Richard W.

"JFugue is absolutely fantastic! I hope the good work continues."
- Jim W.

"Your JFugue API is clean and wonderful - thank you. I just wish it was ported to .net too!"
- Andy B.

"Nice work on the JFugue API. You have created plenty of easy to follow documentation, the source is very clean and the structure of the API is intuitive."
- Reg P.

"I heard about JFugue on The Java Posse. What a great little tool. Very nice work!"
- Craig M.

"When I found this and realized how easy it was to integrate your API with the project we were making, it only took a couple of hours to put everything together and made me a very VERY happy person!"
- Simon M.

"JFugue is just what I was looking for."
- Caley

"JFugue is an excellent API that's why I chose it on my work. =D"
- Marcelo N.

"I just started playing with JFugue - it's a great program!"
- Daniel S.

"I just want to tell you that I love what you've done, I really do. This JFugue is my saving boat :)"
- Barar B.

"I have been experimenting with JFugue because I am writing a Java book and considering putting a page or two about JFugue in it."
- Brian Eubanks, author of Wicked Cool Java, which has a section on JFugue

"Thanks for writing JFugue... it opens up a lot of really interesting creative possibilities, and makes trying things out so much easier than entering data into a MIDI GUI program."
- Matt W.

"I am impressed with the JFugue package. I looked at implementations for the javax.sound package; many of them were so cumbersome, and it seems quite plausible this libary will provide what I am looking for."
- Byl S.

"I've been very impressed with the features of the application and I can't wait to start exploring. I'm amazed with what you've done and wanted to send you a little note. I'm curious to see if I can use the API to connect with NetLogo to see if can can start building emergent musical behaviors."
- Joseph

"We spoke awhile ago while I was investigating Java music applications. As it turns out, I ended up using JFugue for an Expert Systems project so I wanted to throw something into the pot. I've go the basics working even though I'm not much of a Java programmer and JFugue is really coming in handy for this project."
- Joseph

"I'm just emailing to let you know how unbelievably much easier JFugue has made my life recently! I am investigating ambient art. Until I found JFugue I was not looking forward to the sound generation part of the project; I was downright dreading it, now I've been tweaking the system to work after integrating JFugue and didn't even realise I should have gone home several hours ago. THANKS!!!!!!"
- Louise

"JFugue is really great, and I have it working inside Processing, no problem."
- Stephen L.

"Hi, I'm currently a senior in college, and writing my thesis on modifying music as a function of game state in games; I've been using your JFugue library to accomplish the programming aspect of the thesis."
- Russel R.

"Let me congratulate you for the great API that JFugue is. I've used it on a project I had to do for a subject at University and it really made my life easier."
- Marcelo N.

"Thanks for providing such a wonderful tool!! I've been using JFugue to experiment with creating Irish music using Markov chains."
- Bucky R.

"I recently downloaded JFugue and was playing around with it a little. It's great software and I plan to use it quite a bit for my experiments."
- Arun M.

"I've just downloaded and am trying out JFugue. It's really great that you did this and have open sourced it. I for one am very grateful."
- Luke W.

"I'd like to congratulate you for JFugue, it's really a great piece of software."
- Gustavo G.

"This is a great API"
- Melissa

"I have a musical project to do, so I found your very nice JFugue API and I would like to use it for my application"
- Simon L.

"I enjoy JFugue a lot. I'm in a chorus and I intend to use JFugue to help us in our meetings."
- Marcus C.

"I consider your API very useful for myself. So, thanks a lot."
- Yvan J.

"I came to the JFugue site it is exactly what I would like to be able to use. JFugue looks great, a true democratisation of making music by ordinary people and professionals alike."
- Jasminko A.

"It has been brought to our notice that you have developed this wonderful Java application called JFugue."
- Shashank

"I decided to use your library, because it really saves me time and work... excellent documentation and JavaDoc"
- Ali D.

"I'm an Italian student. I found JFugue very interesting because I'm working on a Java-MIDI project."
- Federico F.

"i just played around with your nice jfugue api. i like it :)"
- Dominik P.

"Thanks for a cool little program."
- Arthur

"Thanks for the awesome parser"
- Simon T.

"Incredible! This is really a cool API!"
- M. B.