JFugue - Java API for Music Programming


How can you help improve JFugue?

The following is a list of items that I would love to see in JFugue, and which can be developed by the open-source community. If any of these interest you, jump right into the code!

Parser and Renderer for ABC Notation

ABC Notation is a music file format often used for folk music. There is a significant amount of music in ABC format.

Renderer for LilyPond

LilyPond is an open-source sheetnote rendering tool that generates some beautiful sheet music.

Interactive Piano user interface component

Looking for a simulated piano keyboard as a generalized UI component that can be used in any project. When the user presses certain keys on the keyboard, they make music.

Ornamentation and Musical Effects

Interested in people to flesh out the new MusicalEffects class with musical techniques that make music sound cool - ornamentation like "trill", effects like "hammer on".

Creating Music with Wiimote or Sun SPOT

This is more of a project than a contribution to the JFugue source code. Wouldn't it be cool to create a way in which music could be composed by waving around a Wiimote or a Sun SPOT?