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Section TitlePage
A Tour of JFugue 17
Let�s Make Music! 19
That�s No Moon� That�s an Awesome Music API! 23
The Magic of JFugue 27
Transitioning from JFugue 4 to JFugue 5 29
Staccato: Writing Music for JFugue 33
Introduction to Staccato 35
Notes, Rests, and Chords 37
Voices and Layers 50
Instruments 53
Tempo and Time Navigation 56
Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Bar Lines, Markers, and Lyrics 59
Staccato Style and Music Transcription 62
Advanced Staccato 67
MIDI Effects 69
Microtones 74
Replacement Maps 76
Functions 80
Instructions 86
Music Theory with the JFugue API 93
Introduction to Music Theory in JFugue 95
Notes 97
Chords and Chord Progressions 106
Intervals, Scales, and Keys 114
Players and Parsers 117
Players 119
Parsers and ParserListeners 127
Temporal ParserListener-Parser 135
Patterns and Rhythms; MIDI Data and Devices 139
Introduction to Patterns 141
TrackTable: A Table of Patterns 149
Rhythms 153
Working with MIDI Data 159
Using JFugue with MIDI Devices 161
Extras and Examples 165
A Quartet of Demonstrations 167
Tests, Demos, and Examples in the Source Code Distribution 180
Building and Testing JFugue 182
Short JFugue Programs 185
Conclusion 197
Appendix: Setting Up JFugue 199
Image Credits 203

The Complete Guide to JFugue, Second Edition
206 pages
© 2016 David Koelle
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