Contribute to JFugue!

Here are specific ways that you can help

JFugue has been around for quite a while (13 years!) and people around the world are doing amazing things with the ability to programmatically create music (see my presentation about this at SXSW Interactive 2015: link to SlideShare). I am grateful to everyone who has contributed code, identified and helped solve bugs, and shared with me how they're using JFugue in their projects throughout the years. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate evrything you have done!

I would like to grow a core team of volunteers who are able to commit some of their time to help advance JFugue. I think JFugue is an awesome tool, but I don't have the time to do everything, and there are many things that I simply do not have the time to manage as well as I would like.

Here are the roles I'm looking for. Remember, this is all voluntary, and above-and-beyond the general bug reports and code contribtions that I hope everyone will continue to send.

Lead for Community Engagement, Outreach, and Happiness

There's a world of JFugue users and I want to make sure we're all connected and have a great community. I'd love your help setting up a community site or listserv or something beyond YahooGroups that lets people come together and share ideas. Additionally, I'd like to actively check in on people's progress in their efforts, help answer any questions they have, and get ideas for further changes to JFugue. I'll work with you on that last part. I'd also like your help creating a project showcase where we can help show the interesting work that people around the world are doing with JFugue. Finally, if you like to write, submitting articles to blog sites or magazines would be awesome.

Software Engineer

I feel bad when people send me code to pull into JFugue and I can't find the time to integrate it swiftly. This is a software development role. I'll mentor you on what I consider to be excellent software practices, and we'll work together (say, you 80% and me 20%) to make sure that contributions from the community are of exceptional code quality and are adequately tested. Additionally, I'd appreciate your help with setting up proper software development infrastructure, such as bug tracking and version management for an open source project.

Chief Awesomeness Maker

Do you create amazing music spanning multiple genres, from EDM to jazz to soundscapes? Are you proficient with programming as well as tools like Ableton Live, Reaktor, or Cubase? I'd love to work with you to create programs with JFugue that stream MIDI to a production tool to make amazing music. And furthermore, what other amazing musical creations could you make with JFugue - hardware installations? Musical robots? Throw in whatever you're good at, and let's make some awesome things!

("Great, I'm excited!" you say. "Now what?")

Let me know that you're interested! Share your qualifications with me in the easiest way possible - a link to your work? Your LinkedIn page? I'll take a resume, if that's easiest for you. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved with a super-awesome open-source project! But please remember that I'd like some degree of commitment... there are a lot of people who I correspond with who say, "I'll help with X!" and then I don't hear from them again. Please have some self-motivation. I'd like to talk about ideas and have you go off and do them without me having to ping to see where things are. I know it's all voluntary and part-time, but if we could touch base monthly and have done at least some actual progress in that month, notwithstanding all of the other things we have going on in our lives, that would be a vast improvement over the present day.

Finally, thank you so much for reading this far! Even if you can't join us, I look forward to seeing what you build in the future! --David,